Conical twin screw barrel for SPC floor

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JT screw barrel is committed to the study of SPC, stone plastic material properties, the development of high efficiency wear-resistant special screw barrel, to meet the needs of customers at home and abroad.

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45/90 45/100 51/105 55/110 58/124 60/125 65/120 65/132
68/143 75/150 80/143 80/156 80/172 92/188 105/210 110/220

1.Hardness after hardening and tempering: HB280-320.

2.Nitrided Hardness: HV920-1000.

3.Nitrided case depth: 0.50-0.80mm.

4.Nitrided brittleness: less than grade 2.

5.Surface roughness: Ra 0.4.

6.Screw straightness: 0.015 mm.

7.Surface chromium-plating's hardness after nitriding: ≥900HV.

8.Chromium-plating depth: 0.025~0.10 mm.

9.Alloy Hardness: HRC50-65.

10.Alloy depth: 0.8~2.0 mm.

Product Introduction

Conical twin screw barrel

The application of the screw barrel in the field of SPC flooring has several aspects: Material mixing: The screw barrel is one of the important tools for manufacturing the materials required for SPC flooring. It mixes PVC material with other additives (such as plasticizers, stabilizers, etc.) to form the composite material required for SPC flooring. Plasticization: The screw barrel uses high temperature and mechanical force to plasticize the PVC material.

Through the rotating screw, the PVC material is heated and stirred inside the barrel to make it soften and plastic for subsequent molding. Push out: After the plasticizing process, the screw barrel pushes the plasticized material out of the barrel by adjusting the rotation speed and pressure. Through equipment such as molds and pressing rollers, the material is molded into the shape of SPC floor panels. In short, the application of screw barrel in the field of SPC flooring mainly focuses on material mixing, plasticizing and pushing out. It is a key tool in the production of SPC floors, ensuring that the flooring material has the required performance and quality.

Conical twin screw barrel for SPC floor

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