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Parallel twin-screw and barrel for extruders
Parallel Twin screw barrel

The product specification:

PX-62 ~ 200

Length-diameter ratio: L/D = 18 to 25

Screw compressed according to different raw materials and different than product design

Product synopsis:

The different to parallel double screw machining PVC tubing, the alien materials, board (sheet material), modification and the hard and soft PVC granules, etc

Technical index:

Materials with high quality and chromium molybdenum aluminum (38 CrMOALA)

Surface hardness: HV 290

Nitriding hardness: HV950 ~ 1000 

Nitriding depth: 0.45 ~ 0.7 mm

Nitriding brittle: more than level 1

The surface roughness: Ra0.4

Screw the straightness: 0.015 mm

After nitriding chromium plating surface hardness: 900 HV:

Chromium plating thickness: 0.05 ~ 0.10 mm

Double alloy hardness: 60-70

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