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Conical Twin extruders
PVC extruders

The extruders´ technology are mutual technology and the machine can work for a long time continuely. And easy to operate and maintain. The maintain cost lower.

Technology informatinon of the extruders:
Model: SJSZ-45
Motor power: 15KW
Diameter of screw: 45mm number: 2
Length of screw: 1000mm
Capacity: 95KG/HOUR
Rotating speed of screw: 38rpm

Model: SJSZ-65
Motor power: 37KW
Diameter of screw: 65mm number: 2
Length of screw: 1430mm
Capacity: 300KG/HOUR
Rotating speed of screw: 36rpm

Model: SJSZ-80
Motor power: 55KW
Diameter of screw: 80mm number: 2
Length of screw: 1800mm
Capacity: 520KG/HOUR
Rotating speed of screw: 34rpm

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