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Conical twin-screw and barrel for extruders
Conical twin-screw, barrel

45/90  45/100  50/105  51/105  55/110  60/125  65/120  65/132  80/143  80/156  92/188
Screw according to different formulas and different products before choosing different compression ratio.

1.  base material: 38CrMoAIA,
Nitriding treatmeng,surface hardness:HV≥900, nitriding depth:0.5-0.8mm.
2.  base material: 38CrMoAIA, welded inlay on the flight,prolong life of screw easy wearing parts of barrel feed inlet made from importde anti-wear alloy can be improved abrasion abrasion performace.

ordinary plastic, PP, PE, ABS, PVC, granulation of raw materials, production pipe, profile, sheet, wood and other extrusion machinery.

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