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Screw and barrels for Single-screw extruders
Single screw、Barrel

The product specification
Screw: 15 mm in diameter-250 mm diameter screw
Screw length: 300 mm to 8000 mm screw length
Machine tube diameter 40 mm to 400 mm: barrel outer diameter
Length-diameter ratio: L/D: 10-46
Product synopsis:
Screw screw:
1. General nitriding screw nitriding screw with SACM645 ()
2. Tooth top spraying alloy welding double top gear spray-welding bimetallic screw
3. A complete coverage of tungsten steel screw wlfram steel screw
4. All the hard series screw scries: there NPT1, NPT2, NOT3
5. Ceramic membrane surface formation, diamond film-screw surface on ceramic diamond said
For stove barrel
1. With ordinary nitriding nitriding barrel (SACM645)
2. The hole centrifugal casting alloy centrifugal casting bimetallic barrel (points) and the ABC
3. All the hard in series of series barrel (NPT1 there, NPT2NPT3)
Technology index
Surface hardness: surface hardness HV: 290
Nitriding hardness: HV850-1000 nitriding hardness
Nitriding depth: 0.45 0.7 mm nitriding depth
Nitriding brittle: more than level 1 nitriding brittleness
Screw the straightness: 0.015 mm strightness screw
After nitriding chromium plating surface hardness: 900 HV: chrome hardness
Chromium plating thickness: 0.05 0.1 mm thickness chrome
Double alloy hardness: 60-70 bimetallic hardness
Alloy depth: 0.8 2.0 mm bimetallic depth

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