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Screw and barrels for injection machine
Single screw injection molding

Super-hard plastic injection machine screw and barrel
 Can choose a different screw screw head, barrel can choose the appropriate nozzle.

 Injection volume (g) Screw Diameter X Length (mm) barrel diameter X length (mm)
30-90                  Φ30x900                    Φ85x860
60-125                Φ35x910                    Φ85x860
100-125              Φ38x935                    Φ95x900
125-160              Φ40x980                    Φ95x910
125-300              Φ42x1030                  Φ105x880
250-400              Φ45x1210                  Φ115x1165
300-500              Φ50x1300                  Φ125x1260
450-600              Φ55x1335                  Φ130x1320
500-700              Φ56x1350                  Φ130x1350
500-700              Φ60x1380                  Φ140x1350
650-800              Φ65x1415                  Φ150x1420
700-1000            Φ70x1790                  Φ160x1685
800-1250            Φ75x1825                  Φ170x1725
1000-1500          Φ80x2000                  Φ180x1805
1250-2000          Φ85x2300                  Φ190x1900
2000-3000          Φ90x2700                  Φ210x2000
2500-5000          Φ100x2600                Φ230x2405
3000-6000          Φ110x2600                Φ256x2590
4000-10000        Φ120x2800                Φ256x2800
6000-8000          Φ130x3010                Φ256x2970
8000-10000        Φ145x3010                Φ256x2970
10000-15000      Φ160x3500                Φ270x3200
13000-25000      Φ170x3415                Φ317x3380

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