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Intelligent Hollow Molding Equipment
 Classification:Jinteng machinery  Release time:2020-09-01 11:01

Intelligent Hollow Molding Equipment

Relying on the advanced screw manufacturing technology, and constantly absorbing and learning from the world's advanced mechanical equipment manufacturing process, the company independently developed and produced itelligent hollw molding equipment:Single/double station single/multilayer/multi-die head,Suitable for various raw materials, such as PP/PE/PC/PVC/PETG/K,etc Could be used to produce detergent bottles, cosmetics bottles; Machine oil can, chemical barrel, pesticide bttlt, Christmas crat round ball, plastic toys, auto parts, medical equipment, beverage bttes (such as yili, mengniu, wahaha, etc.), soy sauce pot; Our company's ielligent hollow molding equipment has been all over the country and exported to southeast AtiaAfrica, America and other foreign markets.