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Bimetallic layer

Date of issue:10-13

Bimetallic layer

Date of issue:10-13
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Product specification: 45/90 45/100 50/105 51/105 55/110 60/125 65/120 65/132 80/143 80/156 92/188
Screw according to different formula and different products choose different compression ratio.
Technical index: 38crmoaia, nitriding treatment, surface hardness: HV ≥ 900, depth of nitriding layer: 0.5-0.8mm, surface chromium plating hardness ≥ 1000hv, thickness of chromium layer 0.01-0.10mm, hardness of double alloy hrc60-70, depth of double alloy layer > 2mm. The use of double alloy welding on the surface of screw edge effectively improves the service life of screw. The easy wearing part of the material mouth is made of imported alloy steel. After special treatment, the wear resistance of barrel ear can be effectively improved and the service life can be prolonged.
Scope of application: common plastics, PP, PE, ABS, PVC, raw material granulation, production of pipe, profile, sheet, wood plastic extrusion machinery.